Touchless Operation

At Intuitive we understand that garbage handling is not the most glamorous chore and we want to make it as hands free for our users as possible by offering complete touchless handling


Assisted Seperation

How often have you walked up to a bin, unsure of what category to throw your piece of garbage in? You don't want to throw it in the incorrect category but you aren't sure where your garbage item goes.  Ello takes the confusion out of the equation!

With Ello's artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities it will recognize what you are saying and help you sort your waste with a 100% efficiency.


Capacity Sensing

Ello also comes with multiple sensors giving your waste consumption levels. Not only will this make logistics more effective, but it will also give you a real time picture of what is being thrown out and when. This also helps keep users aware of their daily, monthly and yearly carbon footprint as well the amount of compost and recyclables they've contributed towards.